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We use  here  the name of  Alphonse Mucha for advertising our site quite unashamedly. Mucha himself had made his living through advertising and it was adverts like this one that made his name, in Paris of the late 19th century:

Alphonse Mucha: Sarah Bernhardt in Medea
Sarah Bernhardt in Medea

 When Mucha produced the first poster with Sarah Bernhardt, the famous actress immediately instructed her agent never to use any other designer but Alphonse Mucha for advertising her roles on posters. Bernhardt was a big name in those days, but nowadays she is barely remembered. Mucha, however, is becoming as famous as she was, three quarters of a century after his death in Prague in 1939.
He has made his name in advertising, so why not use now his name for advertising our book business? Especially as both founders of Booksplendour came to Australia from the same country as Mucha did to France. The "ch" in his name, by the way, should be hard-pronounced, as the "ch" in the lake Loch Ness in Scotland. It means "the fly" in Czech, incidentally.

So let's go back, closer to Mucha's time, the time when the splendour in books was still real, when they still came off the printer's press smelling fresh of ink and paper. In those bygone times even advertising was done by real artists, like the one we feature here, and in such ways that made looking at adds enjoyable. Why not, when instead of the ever present exploitation of female sex objects that we see nowadays, here we have something quite different. We might call it an apotheosis of the true womanhood!

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    is an online bookstore. We are a family business, operated by several creatures, all of them highly important and supremely intelligent. Such as Gennie and Kira:

or Roxie:

and, well, this one ...

    Booksplendour has been registered as an online Queensland based business since 2002. With more than 26,000 books listed on the net (and great many more in stock waiting to be described), we believe that currently we are the largest online sellers of used books in Queensland. We can also say that most certainly we are one of the largest online bookstores in Australia. New listings are being added on a daily basis. This is what it looks like inside our store:

    You say that  you don't believe that? OK, we're just kidding! It's more like this:

    We offer personal service by the proprietors. We normally dispatch all orders on the same day or on the next working day, and we use high quality packaging materials, to ensure that the books are adequately protected while in transit.

   The books that we advertise for sale are all in our possession, sitting on shelves in our store. We are situated in Pullenvale, a western suburb of Brisbane. Customers who live locally could come and browse through our stock, pick up their books, but they would require to make an appointment with us. However, it must be born on mind that being an online bookshop  we do not arrange our books by subjects, only by inventory numbers. Searching or browsing therefore is much easier done online - you can then e-mail us to let us know of your selection. You could also ring us on 07-3202 7547 between 9AM and 6PM, and give us the details, ask questions.

  Australian fiction and non-fiction is our main speciality. We also specialise in New Age and esoteric books, self-help & personal growth, alternative lifestyle and medicine, business, religion, history, biography. We always maintain a large stock of British/American Fiction & Nonfiction as well as of some Non-English Literature and translations. 

    We ship books as soon as possible, often on the same day, but usually not later than on the next working day after receiving payment. By default, international orders are sent by economy air, there is an extra charge for Priority Air mail. We do not recommend using surface mail on international orders. Within Australia, books travel by the regular parcel post. Australia Post guarantees the next day delivery to most metropolitan areas, or the fastest possible delivery to some country areas - these are available at some additional cost. We make sure that our shipping charges are always highly competitive. Insurance is at buyer's expense. 


We accept Visa and Mastercard, also PayPal, in all the major currencies. We also accept cheques, direct bank deposits, or money orders, but only in the Australian dollars, unless we have a prior arrangement with the buyer. We do not normally accept cash on mail orders, except in special cases and after a prior arrangement.

In order to provide service to you, and ship your orders to you, we have to obtain the contact information from you i.e. your name, address, E-mail address, and sometimes your telephone number. The information we gain from you is used for the sole purpose of processing and shipping your orders or consulting with you, and for no other purposes under any circumstances. We do not keep this information any longer than absolutely necessary. We consider all such information highly confidential, and we will not share it with, or sell it to, anyone else. We assure you that we find junk mail, spam, telemarketing, and other similar methods of some unscrupulous sellers just as objectionable as you might do.

To celebrate the happy occasion, for a limited period, all our stock will be reduced by

50 %

Further - Orders over $100 - FREE SHIPPING!

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   Orders over $100 - FREE SHIPPING! - The shipping will still show on the invoice, but we will take it off manually!
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Alfons Mucha (Alphonse Mucha): Luchon la Reine des PyreneesAlfons Mucha (Alphonse Mucha): Monaco - Monte Carlo - Wheel of Fortune
Alfons Mucha (Alphonse Mucha): F. Champenois - Dreaming
Alfons Mucha (Alphonse Mucha) Savonnerie de Bagnolet - Alfred Scheeizer
Alfons Mucha (Alphonse Mucha) Lefevre Utile
Alfons Mucha (Alphonse Mucha) Job

Alphonse Mucha - studio portrait with signature
Alphonse Mucha

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Approximately 100 catalogues are available. If you select any of these, only books of that particular genre would appear, ten at the time. It should make it easier for you to browse through our stock, particularly if you are mainly interested in a particular subject.


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Josef Capek - Girl in a Pink Dress
Josef Čapek

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